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African Community Development is the social service arm of re-establishing a sense of community among families torn from their homeland who are working through post-traumatic stress, fear and dis-empowerment.


We promote human dignity and the common good by improving lives and advancing financial and emotional well-being. 

​​​ACD provides a variety of services to all people regardless of religion, age, gender, disability, race/ethnicity, income or background.

​ACD offers strength based and solution oriented services, including educational and skill building services, family focused counseling, financial wellness and asset building opportunities, youth support and resource referral services.

​Our providers are committed to best practice standards that are innovative, transformative and achieve positive and lasting outcomes. Please explore our services below.

African youth dialogue workshops

Encouraging youth at risk of involvement in the juvenile justice system, and youth underserved by mainstream programs due to language and culture barriers. 

CONFLICT resolution

Working together to overcome conflict stemming from war and injustice; promoting 
communication, understanding and forgiveness.


Helping African women and girls gain knowledge and skills to succeed and plan for the future, while staying connected to their cultural heritage.

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