African Community Development, Inc. (ACD) came together in 2008 as a group of concerned elders and respected community leaders representing several diverse groups of African refugees that have resettled in southwestern Idaho in recent years.

 ACD has focused its energy in bringing the community together to “work” (discuss, find resolutions to) issues that are key to successful integration for refugees. Working with community partners and volunteers, the organization has developed projects capitalizing on the agricultural experience and artistic talents of community members, as well as offering educational classes for learner’s permits and driver’s licenses. In addition, ACD has assisted in conflict resolution and mediation with families and individuals facing legal difficulties involving drug and alcohol issues, domestic violence and traffic violations. 

ACD is able to advocate on behalf of the community members and assist in navigating the complex education system, medical and therapeutic treatment systems and legal obligations.  


ACD obtained its IRS Non-Profit 501-c3 status in 2008.  


ACD continues to expand its programming to meet the needs of its members and the community at large.

Meet our Staff

Nondo Mialano, MSW

Path-to-Success and Logistics Coordinator

Olivier Ombeni

Youth Mentoring Coordinator

Leocadie Nyabadeux

Vice Chair Women Empowerment

Pierre Bashale

Transportation Coordinator

Asimba Kituta, M.Edu.

Coordinator for Community Partnership